artist painter


persephone 2020 chinese inkwash on vinci paper 50 x 32,5 cm (2)


Blame it all on the god who brought me down
here to the big pulse – but can’t you see
I begged to come? His magnetism my own
depth charging him.
Kidnapped? No.
I had to get under
the skin, plug in
to the shock. Who says
I didn’t want to be where all
ethereal things get real?
Think if you want I didn’t know
what I was doing – six shots enough
to spike my father’s tidy heaven
with hell’s lethal volts.
And mother, you may search for me,
but I’ve gone deeper than you dream –
your flowering’s nothing to the power
I fission at the furious core.

Matthew Barton (from Vessel, 2009)