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man & woman

man & woman 2015 chinese ink & oil 41 x 33 cm
man & woman 2015 – oil & chinese inkwash on canvas – 41 x 33 cm



Last night, this twisty little street of cobble,
One lamppost at the end, produced the scream
Of a man stabbed, sirens, rotating beam
Blinding the eyes blinked down to watch the trouble,
To catch a bum with bottle crying, “Merde!”
Who nearly slipped on blood, and a young, classy
Whore quitting her post, dusting off her ass,
And clacking away more annoyed than scared.

This morning, at the rear of the same house
In front of which things happened, a man and woman
Breakfast on their terrace in warm sun,
And beyond the gentleness of crossing gazes,
Interlacing fingers, and drowsy phrases,
The silent courtyard filled with green-leaved trees
Stirred by the bobbing birds and a light breeze,
Cascades of Chopin’s ending prelude rouse.

        David Galler from A Time in Eternity (2007)