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Adele Mosonyi was born in Great Yarmouth in 1955. Daughter of musicians, she grew up in New York where she studied painting with Jean Liberté from the age of 9. Her family moved back to England in 1965. She has been living in the Paris area since 1973 and her studio is by the Flea Market in Saint Ouen. 

She studied drawing and painting at the Beaux Arts Academy in Paris after majoring in Philosophy and History of Art. She has exhibited in various national and international group shows (Member of Salon d’Automne since 2019) and participated in several local French festivals.

She has collaborated with both French and English-language poets (Matthew BartonSylvie Chastain, David Galler, Myriam Mason, Marc Vaution). Invited in 1995 by the Poetry Society of Montgeron, her first one-woman show in 1995 was entitled Demolition Sites, Walls, Bookscapes. She returned to the human figure with The Hanged (2001-2003), focusing more on women with Whores (2003-2008) and Mothers (2007-2009). She has been exploring female icons in mythology from a contemporary feminine perspective:  Medea, Medusa, Demeter & Persephone, Medusa & Pegasus, Leda & Swan, Circe, Sirens and Gorgons well as leitmotifs past and present in series such as Mother & Babe and Man & Woman. Her latest series Caliban’s World’ revisits Shakespeare’s Tempest.

Regular visits to China have contributed to the artist’s evolution and  aesthetic vision. Her use of chinese ink in association with other media aims for a more dynamic cohesion between lines and colours. Travels around Europe and Morocco have had considerable impact on the artist’s palette, extending her chromatic range. The juxtaposition of colour determines the pulse of each individual composition within a series, enabling the lines and forms to come to life.

1976-1983     Ecole National Supérieure des Beaux Arts (Drawing & Painting)
1973-1978     University of Nanterre Paris X (BA Philosophy & History of Art)
1978-1980     University of Nanterre Paris X (MA Colour Aesthetics)
2019          'Caliban's World', Art Café, Dieppe
2018          'Récits', Musée du Bois et de la Marqueterie, Revel
2018          'The Gorgons', Paris Anim' Solidarité, 19ème
2017-2018     Collages, RAMO, Beijing, China
2017-2019     'Whores on cardboard', Cousine Mumi, Courtomer, Normandy 
2017          Recent Paintings, Paris Anim' La Chapelle, 18ème
2014-2018     Graphic Work at Meteopole, Hyderabad, India
2009          Festival au Féminin, Mothers, le petit Ney
2009          Paris 18ème, la Cartoucherie/l’Epée de Bois: Mothers  
2008          Festival au Féminin, Whores, le petit Ney, Paris 18ème
2005          Librairie Folies d’encre, Saint Ouen
2004          Collectif des Diables Bleus, Nice : Whores 
2003          Le petit ney, Paris 18ème : Collèmes (collages/poèmes by Sylvie Chastain)
1997          Cour Saint Pierre, Paris 17ème
1995          Centre Jean Hardouin, Montgeron: Demolition Sites, Walls, Bookscapes 
1994          Galerie l’Ancien et le Nouveau, Paris 18ème
1994          Cour Saint Pierre, Paris 17ème
1992          Cour Saint Pierre, Paris 17ème (février et juin)
1991          Société Générale, Neuilly sur Seine
1990          Cour Saint Pierre, Paris 17ème
1989          Société Générale, Agence Centrale, Paris 9ème

2020           Salon d'Automne Japon, Modern Art Center, Tokyo
2020           'Femme Plurielle', La Sévrienne des Arts, Galerie Loubat, Sèvres
2019           Artcité 2019 : Influences, Fontenay-sous-bois
2019           Salon d'Automne China, International Art Center, Xi'an
2018/19        Salon d'Automne (Mythes & Singularité)
2018           BDMC ASIA TOUR (Tokyo - Seoul - Beijing)
2017/18/19/20  Art en Capital: Comparaisons (Hors les normes)
2015, 17, 19   Salon des Artistes & Sculpteurs Dieppois
2006           Artistes pour la paix au Liban, Galerie l’Art & la Paix, Saint Ouen
2004           Exposition inaugurale de la Galerie Art & Paix, Saint Ouen
2002, 03, 04   Salon de Saint Ouen
2001           Exposition ‘Collages’ du Printemps de la SAPE, Montgeron
1995           Entre Terre et Ciel, Maison du Canada, Cité Universitaire, Paris
1994           Carré d’Art de la Goutte d’Or, Crèche de la Chapelle, Paris 18ème
1993           Salon de Rencontres Artistiques et Ecrivains, Mantes la Jolie
1992           Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l’eau, Grand Palais
1991           Maison Française, Washington DC, USA
1991           Salon de l’ACAM, Château du Logis de Brécey
1991           Hôtel de Bailli de Suffren, Paris
1988           XXIVème Grand Prix International de Cannes (Finalist)
1987           Salon de la SAPE, Montgeron
1987/88/89/91  Salon d'Automne

2019          Twenty-Two Poems by David Galler, 22 drawings in chinese ink & watercolour (2019) 
2004          The Prisoner Poet, diptych after a short story by David Galler (2002)
2003          Et la voilà … , collage of a narrative poem by Sylvie Chastain
2001          Faux mouvement, 14 collages after a poem by Sylvie Chastain
1995          La confidence antérieure, 3 collages after a poem by Sylvie Chastain
1995          Collected Poems by David Galler, Black and Blue Wall (1994) on cover page
1992          Rendez-vous, 13 collages after a poem by Sylvie Chastain
1991          Cover design for Pebbles and Seagulls, Myriam Mason, Calumet, London
1989          Illustrations for Pebbles and Seagulls, Myriam Mason, Calumet, London

Algeria, Canada, China, France, Holland, Hungary, India, Morocco, UK, USA

INSTAGRAM     @adelemosonyi